About Us

Standing Against Violence Everyday, Incorporated is a 501(c) Tax exempt non-profit organization based in Mauldin, South Carolina that is dedicated and focused on helping to rebuild lives, families, and communities through education on dating abuse and domestic violence.

It is our intention to help one person at a time rebuild their life from the hurt, pain, and suffering of domestic violence and dating abuse. We will do this through various programs held throughout the year, referencing other organizations and the work they do, as well as present events and activities that work towards changing a life.

Our mission is to provide relief to families and individuals affected by domestic violence, and address the needs of those individuals in the areas of economics, shelter, and basic quality of life. Throuhg our community outreach efforts, we are able to mobilize individuals, and build partnerships and alliances that are meaningful in helping us realize our goals each year.

Our vision is to rebuild lives, families, homes, communities, and neighborhoods by saving one person at a time from domestic violence and dating abuse, while simultaneously working to end violence of any and every kind. Nothing destroys the fabric of families more than witnessing or experiencing violence in action, word, or deed.

Many families are destroyed and hard to rebuild when violence has been introduced or children have been subjected to it from a very early age. Our work continues to unfold and we rely on a strong board of directors, volunteer team, and supporters to help us throughout the year.