#Project Feed 5000 - Feed the City on Thanksgiving

If you are in need of Thanksgiving Dinner.... Join Us

Dinners will be served, Delivered or can be Picked up between 10:00am and 12:00pm

Serving the City with:

175 Turkeys •  180 Big Pans of Mac & Cheese •  150 Big Pans of Rice •  50 Gallons of Grafy for Rice & Dressing •  180 Big Pans of Green Beens •  200 Packs of Ready Serve Dinner Rolls •  200 Pound Cakes •  25 Gallons of Granberry Saouce •  180 Big Pans of Dressing •  5000 Beveages (water Lemonade, Tea, etc...)

Drop Off Locations
Nappi Roots Hair Salon
110 East Butler Road, Suite A
Mauldin SC
Threadz Hair Salon
1607 Laurens Road
Greenville, SC
Reznables Boutique
1401 Laurens Road
Greenville, SC
Shady Oak Baptist Church
1117 Whitehorse Road
Greenville, SC
Phyllis Wheatley Community Center
40 John McCarroll Way
Greenville, SC
For Questions, to Volunteer your Time, or Donate Food Please contact

Bajeyah Eady - 864-325-3121 or Red Carpet VIP - 864-449-6179